Tuesday, 31 May 2011

New York.

3rd September 2011

This is the date that will be firmly in the forefront of my thoughts when I sit at home throughout the summer.
A lack of funds will keep me housebound and I'll be building up my piggy bank with any copper coins I can gather from the sides of the sofas. But this sorry sight, I admit, is purely the fault of my own actions...

What does bring light to this situation, and makes it all well worthwhile, is that on this date, I will be flying with my gorgeous friend Guy to meet Hannah for what is sure to be an amazing week in the Big Apple!

Ok. So this picture does make it seem like the Rapture is about to embark on Times Square judging by the colour of the sky.*
But when I am standing waiting for 'WALK' to illuminate and the infamous yellow taxis aren't about to run me down before I make it into Macy's, I know saving every last penny and living like a gremlin for the three months of my favourite season will certainly be worth it! (Don't get me wrong, I'm still excited for the summer. I mean... after all, my garden does have a trampoline to keep me entertained.) 

*My idea on how the Rapture takes our lives has since altered upon recent discussion. I realise now we will all succumb to its power in different, yet equally traumatic ways. Regardless, I still reckon that when the Rapture reaches it climax, the sky will resemble that in the picture... It just makes it all that more dramatic.

I know I have never been there, so my enthusiasm for the place isn't really based on personal experience.
But I'm pretty sure it must be one of the top places to go before you die?!
(And if Harold Camping is anything to go by, then it will definitely be by the 21st October, so I'm glad I'd have gone before then...)

It has so much history! 

It survived when Godzilla and King Kong paid their visits, it's where Spiderman fought his nemesis, it's where all those talking animals lived before they took a trip to Madagascar, it's where Hitch played cupid and finally found love for himself, it's even where Stuart Little grew up and ran for his life from Snowbell and his horrid mates!

And everyone talks about it, loves it enough to sing about the place: Frank Sinatra, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Lou Reed... the list could go on, but I thought the mention of Lou Reed would have been enough to convince you all of its excitement...

Jay Z and Alicia Keys even claimed there's nothing you can't do, when you're in New York!

All this hype must be based on something, right?!

So, yes, I did spend a large chunk of my student loan on flights to New York; (there's a library after all, why would I possibly need to buy books with that money?) and yes, I have sacrificed a weekend festival ticket and the opportunity to see the Strokes; and yes; I will have to answer to my parents' every whim for a chance to gain some spending money for a whole three months. 

But no. I do not, and I'm pretty certain I will not, regret it. 

Just like good ol' Frankie said:

 I want to be a part of it,

 New York
New York

Monday, 30 May 2011

For want of a better word.

When I first created my account for my blog, I wrote in my 'about me' section that I am blonde, nostalgic and unpretentious

The first of those descriptions, blonde, goes without question.
(Even if my current shade of blonde isn't exactly what Mother Nature envisioned.) 

Me (on the right), demonstrating I am, infact, blonde...
For the sake of a picture

The second is also, should you have spent anymore than 30 minutes with me, quite an obvious trait.
I do like to think, however, I am nostalgic in the more optimistic sense;  It's not that I don't enjoy the present, or look forward to the future (as seen in my last post, I can be very excitable about upcoming events) but I enjoy reminiscing about amusing events throughout my life so far, rather than yearning for the ‘good old days’ in a melancholic sense.

Me (on the right), during the 'good old days'...
For the sake of a picture
In addition, something which I know is common in other groups too, are the 'private jokes' in my close circle of friends (indecipherable to the outside world) which tend to stem from entertaining conversations and occasions which are well worth remembering with fondness, if you know what I mean... 

The third trait I assigned to myself was unpretentious.

When I read the word back, it took me a while to even remember what it meant. So I had to think about why I even thought of it as something which describes me! What did I really mean?!

I came to the conclusion that it was probably a bit hypocritical of me...

I think it's fair to say that my possession of vocabulary is not very extensive. I discovered this when I got to university and felt the need to 'thesaurus.com' my essays to make them sound more like everyone else's. It's not that I'm not particularly intelligent, I am just never really in an environment where words beyond two syllables are used often, so they don't tend to become common usage ... (My excuse is that I have four siblings under the age of 6.)

Regardless, I think by 'unpretentious' what I actually meant was 'a bit common'. So using flowery language to show my distaste for snobbery in comparison to my background is what could be considered a little hypocritical.

I have to say, being 'common' wasn't really something I considered before coming to university. I regarded myself as quite average amongst the folk of Essex; which to me meant being like the majority of the south of England. But, after having faced abuse over how I pronounced my own surname, I soon saw I was wrong.
Having complained about my 'commoness' in drunken conversations (the truth always comes out in drunken conversations), I realised I was quite insecure over the whole issue of being different. I should have really seen this before, with my overemphasis on coming from Greater London rather than Essex (it's a London Borough, but with an Essex dialing code and postal address).

Stressing out about making people believe I was from London is probably due to the stereotype being an Essex Girl (having gone to visit my friend Lucy in Italy, and meeting her Australian friend, I discovered this stereotype is also known on the other side of the world)! The dumbness, teenage pregnancies, promiscuousness and fake tans (I assure you, I only succumb to two of these descriptions, you can decipher which) are generally seen as something 'common' and thus negative! Who would want to be associated with that?!

But, surprisingly, it was the BAFTA winning reality tv show, The Only Way is Essex, which really made me more secure of coming from Hornchurch. Firstly, it showed me that I really wasn't as stereotypically 'Essex' as the characters on the show and secondly, despite a wide dislike for the programme, the fact that my best friends love the show made me feel a bit privileged... as though they loved where I come from after all, despite all the mocking!

So... I can say with dignity now: I am unpretentious, this is true, but that's only because I'm a little bit more 'common' than your average southern Englishman...

Sunday, 29 May 2011

The approaching summer.


My favourite season. So much happens (saying that, this is most likely to be because I am still in full time education and I do have three months off); everyone is that little bit more relaxed (unless you're subjected to the London Underground during rush hour); it is comfortable, and arguably more acceptable (more of that later), to walk straight out of the front door in a floral dress and sandals; and of course, it is BBQ season!

What is probably typical of England, is as soon as a bit of sunshine rays hit our skin and temperatures soar above 20 degrees celsius, us English folk think the summer is here: it's time to run to our nearest Tesco for a bumper BBQ pack of burgers and sausages; the shops are full of people trying on the latest safari shorts which we weren't man enough to brave as a winter fashion and boys are walking around with their tops off, tattoos out, and whistling at passing girls (although maybe that is just in Essex).

BUT then... we realise that, of course, it is the end of April, and May comes and the rain pours and the clouds are grey and we are rummaging through the back of our wardrobes looking for the coats and jumpers and tights we had just put away until October beckons them out once more... That slightly tanned neck we got from laying about in the garden for 3 days straight has fooled us! 

I, on the other hand, have never really been in possession of the coats, jumpers and tights that are known as practical for the colder months. (As I alluded to above...) I tend to be one of those people who stumble around in a little denim jacket in the winter months, with numb toes, and five scarves on to try to resist the frost bite... 

Since we saw that spell sunshine a month ago, I have since been convinced that the summer is finally here. This rain will pass (it's a bank holiday after all, it always rains on bank holidays, right?) and in this way, I feel that wearing dresses and sandals is justified. For once.

The reason I love summer so much is that everyone just seems happier! Maybe in the winter months I am still clinging on to images such as this:

And wearing clothes inspired by the colour of the petals, rather than inspired by the practicality of braving something more like this:

just seems that little bit more excitable!

Don't get me wrong:
I appreciate the rain. I love a dramatic thunder storm. I like running around in the snow. I even sometimes enjoy the feeling of coming in from the cold outside to a lovely warm home.

But let's be honest, there is obviously a reason why the school terms are structured around the summer. It wouldn't be unbearably hot in August, in England, to work in a classroom. No. We have the summer term to make school life acceptable. Particularly when it comes to exam period!

If there weren't three months off of strenuous brain activity to look forward to, or events like the Warwick Summer Party occurring the day after my last exam, I really do not think I would even be considering revising for my exams. It would be far too depressing in September to sit hour upon hour of examinations with what, October to keep us going? Summer is a happy time. An amazing time. A time to really enjoy.

Despite having to find a job to fund my trips to New York and Venice throughout the summer, I am excited for it to begin. The logo above excites me! When the 26th June rolls up, Feeder are playing guitars on the main stage, I am queuing up for a go on the bouncy castle or we are sneaking back to Jess' for a cheeky glass of wine, I know the summer is here. And I will be the happiest 20 year old Warwick student alive!

In the meantime... I guess I will have to revise. But my handbag, in the following weeks, will never be without a pair of these:

You never know, the sun might just creep out and show us a little sneak preview of what is to come once more.

And I, as always, will be prepared for this possibility...

Saturday, 28 May 2011

In addition...

A vain attempt at trying to make my birthday last forever (well for another few days at least): I am extending the celebrations by posting the birthday video Guy made for me:

Having watched it 6 times already, I can say it never gets old. Although that is probably because it is for me... The comedic value of it is unmatched to anything I have seen before. Definitely worth a watch...


Friday, 27 May 2011

Birthday Post

Having rediscovered the blog I set up months ago, and having not actually posted anything, and having been inspired by reading the interesting insights into my gorgeous friends' lives, I have decided to make an effort to create at least one blog...

Since I haven't yet come up with a theme for my blogs (although I doubt I ever will), it's probably most logically to talk about birthdays, since it's mine today.

My party last week (complete with a bouncy castle, as seen above) reminded me how much my close friends love me; enough to come to my house and celebrate me becoming a year older. And that is probably the best bit of birthdays. I am not really too bothered about turning 20 (although leaving my teenage years forever somehow does seem a little daunting to me), what I really love about birthdays is how your friends and family get together and have fun. And those are the moments in life which definitely, for me, are most memorable and make life really exciting...

It is probably actually a little bit depressing that it takes someone becoming a year older to encourage everyone to get together, relax and, in my ideal world, get drunk. Especially when it only occurs once a year for every individual, unless you're the Queen. This is one reason why my birthday party occurred a week before my actual birthday; it means today I can get my friends out again to have fun.  And I also get to dress up once more, although this time not in a gorgeous Lipsy jumpsuit (also seen above), but in beautiful coral platform heels courtesy of Jess:

Jess, I literally don't care if all my toes bleed; wearing these on my birthday makes me the happiest 20 year old alive!

Birthdays are a wonderful for dressing up and having a good time. It really is the perfect excuse, not that I particularly need one, to really go all out. And dressing up is one of my fav things to do in life! Why wouldn't I love to make an effort.

In addition to trying to look the best you have looked all year and seeing all your friends hopefully having a wonderful time, there is one thing you really can't ignore about birthdays: cake

And mine, I'm sure you will all agree, were pretty amazing. And evidently, since they existed for less than a day, were not only beautiful but also extremely tasty too...

I mean, aside from losing the fact that I am no longer a teenager and (as I have promised to myself since I was 15) that I should probably start using anti-wrinkle cream now I'm in my 20s (prevention is better than cure after all), I LOVE birthdays! And my friends for making them all worth while!

So roll on the birthdays!

And I should get back to enjoying mine, I only have one real one after all; as much as I like to think it, I really am not the Queen...

Saying that, I am happy being 20 for a while... there's something about being 21 that really makes you seem old... Sorry Hannah!