Sunday, 29 May 2011

The approaching summer.


My favourite season. So much happens (saying that, this is most likely to be because I am still in full time education and I do have three months off); everyone is that little bit more relaxed (unless you're subjected to the London Underground during rush hour); it is comfortable, and arguably more acceptable (more of that later), to walk straight out of the front door in a floral dress and sandals; and of course, it is BBQ season!

What is probably typical of England, is as soon as a bit of sunshine rays hit our skin and temperatures soar above 20 degrees celsius, us English folk think the summer is here: it's time to run to our nearest Tesco for a bumper BBQ pack of burgers and sausages; the shops are full of people trying on the latest safari shorts which we weren't man enough to brave as a winter fashion and boys are walking around with their tops off, tattoos out, and whistling at passing girls (although maybe that is just in Essex).

BUT then... we realise that, of course, it is the end of April, and May comes and the rain pours and the clouds are grey and we are rummaging through the back of our wardrobes looking for the coats and jumpers and tights we had just put away until October beckons them out once more... That slightly tanned neck we got from laying about in the garden for 3 days straight has fooled us! 

I, on the other hand, have never really been in possession of the coats, jumpers and tights that are known as practical for the colder months. (As I alluded to above...) I tend to be one of those people who stumble around in a little denim jacket in the winter months, with numb toes, and five scarves on to try to resist the frost bite... 

Since we saw that spell sunshine a month ago, I have since been convinced that the summer is finally here. This rain will pass (it's a bank holiday after all, it always rains on bank holidays, right?) and in this way, I feel that wearing dresses and sandals is justified. For once.

The reason I love summer so much is that everyone just seems happier! Maybe in the winter months I am still clinging on to images such as this:

And wearing clothes inspired by the colour of the petals, rather than inspired by the practicality of braving something more like this:

just seems that little bit more excitable!

Don't get me wrong:
I appreciate the rain. I love a dramatic thunder storm. I like running around in the snow. I even sometimes enjoy the feeling of coming in from the cold outside to a lovely warm home.

But let's be honest, there is obviously a reason why the school terms are structured around the summer. It wouldn't be unbearably hot in August, in England, to work in a classroom. No. We have the summer term to make school life acceptable. Particularly when it comes to exam period!

If there weren't three months off of strenuous brain activity to look forward to, or events like the Warwick Summer Party occurring the day after my last exam, I really do not think I would even be considering revising for my exams. It would be far too depressing in September to sit hour upon hour of examinations with what, October to keep us going? Summer is a happy time. An amazing time. A time to really enjoy.

Despite having to find a job to fund my trips to New York and Venice throughout the summer, I am excited for it to begin. The logo above excites me! When the 26th June rolls up, Feeder are playing guitars on the main stage, I am queuing up for a go on the bouncy castle or we are sneaking back to Jess' for a cheeky glass of wine, I know the summer is here. And I will be the happiest 20 year old Warwick student alive!

In the meantime... I guess I will have to revise. But my handbag, in the following weeks, will never be without a pair of these:

You never know, the sun might just creep out and show us a little sneak preview of what is to come once more.

And I, as always, will be prepared for this possibility...

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  1. Ahh I love it! I cannot wait for the summer party!! yeahhhhh I love this blog post, you make me laugh xxx