Friday, 27 May 2011

Birthday Post

Having rediscovered the blog I set up months ago, and having not actually posted anything, and having been inspired by reading the interesting insights into my gorgeous friends' lives, I have decided to make an effort to create at least one blog...

Since I haven't yet come up with a theme for my blogs (although I doubt I ever will), it's probably most logically to talk about birthdays, since it's mine today.

My party last week (complete with a bouncy castle, as seen above) reminded me how much my close friends love me; enough to come to my house and celebrate me becoming a year older. And that is probably the best bit of birthdays. I am not really too bothered about turning 20 (although leaving my teenage years forever somehow does seem a little daunting to me), what I really love about birthdays is how your friends and family get together and have fun. And those are the moments in life which definitely, for me, are most memorable and make life really exciting...

It is probably actually a little bit depressing that it takes someone becoming a year older to encourage everyone to get together, relax and, in my ideal world, get drunk. Especially when it only occurs once a year for every individual, unless you're the Queen. This is one reason why my birthday party occurred a week before my actual birthday; it means today I can get my friends out again to have fun.  And I also get to dress up once more, although this time not in a gorgeous Lipsy jumpsuit (also seen above), but in beautiful coral platform heels courtesy of Jess:

Jess, I literally don't care if all my toes bleed; wearing these on my birthday makes me the happiest 20 year old alive!

Birthdays are a wonderful for dressing up and having a good time. It really is the perfect excuse, not that I particularly need one, to really go all out. And dressing up is one of my fav things to do in life! Why wouldn't I love to make an effort.

In addition to trying to look the best you have looked all year and seeing all your friends hopefully having a wonderful time, there is one thing you really can't ignore about birthdays: cake

And mine, I'm sure you will all agree, were pretty amazing. And evidently, since they existed for less than a day, were not only beautiful but also extremely tasty too...

I mean, aside from losing the fact that I am no longer a teenager and (as I have promised to myself since I was 15) that I should probably start using anti-wrinkle cream now I'm in my 20s (prevention is better than cure after all), I LOVE birthdays! And my friends for making them all worth while!

So roll on the birthdays!

And I should get back to enjoying mine, I only have one real one after all; as much as I like to think it, I really am not the Queen...

Saying that, I am happy being 20 for a while... there's something about being 21 that really makes you seem old... Sorry Hannah!


  1. Okay I really do love this blog. Becca you are gorgeous and we should definitely go wrinkle cream shopping soon. LOVE YOU.

  2. p.s. my first ever blog mention !! yayyyy