Tuesday, 31 May 2011

New York.

3rd September 2011

This is the date that will be firmly in the forefront of my thoughts when I sit at home throughout the summer.
A lack of funds will keep me housebound and I'll be building up my piggy bank with any copper coins I can gather from the sides of the sofas. But this sorry sight, I admit, is purely the fault of my own actions...

What does bring light to this situation, and makes it all well worthwhile, is that on this date, I will be flying with my gorgeous friend Guy to meet Hannah for what is sure to be an amazing week in the Big Apple!

Ok. So this picture does make it seem like the Rapture is about to embark on Times Square judging by the colour of the sky.*
But when I am standing waiting for 'WALK' to illuminate and the infamous yellow taxis aren't about to run me down before I make it into Macy's, I know saving every last penny and living like a gremlin for the three months of my favourite season will certainly be worth it! (Don't get me wrong, I'm still excited for the summer. I mean... after all, my garden does have a trampoline to keep me entertained.) 

*My idea on how the Rapture takes our lives has since altered upon recent discussion. I realise now we will all succumb to its power in different, yet equally traumatic ways. Regardless, I still reckon that when the Rapture reaches it climax, the sky will resemble that in the picture... It just makes it all that more dramatic.

I know I have never been there, so my enthusiasm for the place isn't really based on personal experience.
But I'm pretty sure it must be one of the top places to go before you die?!
(And if Harold Camping is anything to go by, then it will definitely be by the 21st October, so I'm glad I'd have gone before then...)

It has so much history! 

It survived when Godzilla and King Kong paid their visits, it's where Spiderman fought his nemesis, it's where all those talking animals lived before they took a trip to Madagascar, it's where Hitch played cupid and finally found love for himself, it's even where Stuart Little grew up and ran for his life from Snowbell and his horrid mates!

And everyone talks about it, loves it enough to sing about the place: Frank Sinatra, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Lou Reed... the list could go on, but I thought the mention of Lou Reed would have been enough to convince you all of its excitement...

Jay Z and Alicia Keys even claimed there's nothing you can't do, when you're in New York!

All this hype must be based on something, right?!

So, yes, I did spend a large chunk of my student loan on flights to New York; (there's a library after all, why would I possibly need to buy books with that money?) and yes, I have sacrificed a weekend festival ticket and the opportunity to see the Strokes; and yes; I will have to answer to my parents' every whim for a chance to gain some spending money for a whole three months. 

But no. I do not, and I'm pretty certain I will not, regret it. 

Just like good ol' Frankie said:

 I want to be a part of it,

 New York
New York

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