Sunday, 5 June 2011

Another Very Bad Trip.

The Hangover Part II
Starring: Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Justin Bartha, Ken Jeong
Directed by: Todd Phillips

Phil: It happened again.
Tracy: Seriously, what is wrong with you three?

Now, the title of this post relates to the translation of the film The Hangover I once saw advertised in Paris. 

'Very Bad Trip'?!
So I understand that the French may not have a word for hangover, (although I am pretty sure they must experience them, right? Or that would just be so unfair) but what I don't understand is why the translation would still be in English? Wouldn't it make more sense to call the film 'un voyage très mauvaise'

(That actually probably isn't the even the correct translation for 'Very Bad Trip', but given that all I have is a GCSE in French, it was all I could muster. And finding an  'è' when writing this post was an incredibly challenging task in itself...)

Nonetheless,The Hangover Part II is, despite the majority of its reviews, hilarious

The majority of the criticisms which have thus far been put against it all relate to how similar this sequel is to its original. It's a fair comment, it must be said: this film did lose that element of surprise once it was clear that the situation was pretty much the same to that witnessed in the predecessor. But, to be fair...

it is a sequel.

There are obviously going to be similarities!

Producing a sequel which brings the same success of the first film is probably quite daunting. There are two options; either you attempt to improve on the original by creating a completely new concept (new, of course, being relative: there needs to be some sort of connection, or that would just be silly...), or at best you try to match the first film. 
Evidently it was the latter option which the producers of this film took. 

I suppose it is possible to actually draw parallels with the original (which can't be too good), but I guess despite its predictability it does bring us closer to the Wolf Pack, makes us feel as if we really know them now. We feel as though we could say 'typical Stu, pulling the prossies again' without feeling as though we are just trying to fit in with another, already closely formed, group of friends. (Always a little bit awkward.)

Although there are parallels of events in both films, there are also parallels in their hilarity.
Should the Hangover Part II have been the first film, I am certain the original would have received the same criticism.
Having an idea of what is inevitably going to occur from having seen the first film does deter from some amusement, but Hangover Part II is still SO funny.

So the weekend in Vegas was amazing, but it would be rather silly not to take a trip to Bangkok just because we could end up following the same sort of routine, wouldn't it? 
I mean if we took that approach to our own trips after one bloody amazing holiday, we wouldn't leave the house!

This film is definitely worth a watch. 

Besides, any film featuring Bradley Cooper is certainly worth a glimpse....


  1. LOL about the French poster. Weird. And I SWEAR they do have a word for hangover (I imagine I will find it out at some point in my year abroad... at least I sort of hope it comes up)...

    You make some very insightful points about the need to treat a sequal as just that. You can't be expecting a completely different type of thing!

    I also had some concerns about the appearance of a monkey (I REALLY hate monkeys after an experience in South Africa where they went through my tent and stole my milkshakes when I was lounging - sleeping - by the pool) but the film was good so I'm glad you agree :)



    love him morrrre