Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Little Miss Lohan.

Following a recent post on inspirational women (that one about the Spice Girls), I thought I would continue with the theme and dedicate this post to one woman who I really cannot get enough of.

Now, I understand that sometimes my female role models could be considered a little controversial (although I assure you, Emmeline Pankhurst really is up there... alongside Britney Spears and Nicole Richie, of course); but let's be honest, who can argue with the fact that Mean Girls really is probably one of the greatest films of all time...

 I am not ashamed to admit that, in my opinion, Lindsay Lohan is an amazing woman.

Confident, Sexy, Talented, Entertaining...

What girl does not want to aspire to these traits?!
I know, right?

I really don't understand why the media portray her as such a .... 
psycho bitch.

I mean, being accused of stealing a necklace is slightly dodgy I guess, but I think displaying pictures such as this:

is really just a bit unnecessary

But, if anything, images like this make me love her more!

She's a clearly a girl after my own heart.
If she didn't go out and get absolutely fucked I would be more concerned about her!

The bad reputation she receives is really quite unjustified. 

Should my wonderful array of talents had been recognised at an early age and I had grown up in Hollywood, I reckon I too would have probably come across to the world in a similar way...

My drunken antics in Leamington Spa Parade, collapsed outside the church, and being carried off by a multitude of dedicated and loving friends would surely be posted around the world wide web too (because I am that sure everyone would be interested in me and my life)! 

She isn't insane or a liability.
(Unless I am too and just cannot tell the difference, but regardless...)
She seems pretty much like a normal 24 year old to me!

Aside from her extraordinary acting in some brilliant films, of course.
(Brilliant in so much that I could cite all of the words to Mean Girls. That film just never gets old.)

 Irregardless, if I ever had to have a mugshot, I would definitely want it to be as good as this:

What an absolute babe.

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