Sunday, 5 June 2011

My homeboy.

Jon Cassidy

Upon missing my best friend from home, and given that I never get to see him when I'm so busy working really hard for my degree, I thought I would dedicate a post solely to him. 

Jon is one of those guys you can rely on. He would treat you to Nandos. He would tell you the truth (even if the truth is harsh). He wouldn't talk about you behind your back. He would take you family weddings. He would accompany you to the cinema every Wednesday and give you his 'free' Orange Wednesday ticket and even throw in a free dinner. He would make you laugh. He would invite you over to his house for an evening just so you weren't bored. He would let you meet all of his lovely friends. He would keep you company when you have to stay at home and babysit your two little sisters. He's there for you even after you have totally screwed up. He would stay up till 2 am to play Guitar Hero with you. He would buy you (alongside your sister) a beautiful watch for your birthday. He would watch Peep Show with you on a Saturday evening with a takeaway rather than going out. He would spend his whole birthday shopping in Lakeside with you and invite you to his family BBQ (ok, so the invite was technically from his mother) because you have to leave for uni the next day. 

He would even make a deal to marry you should you both have not found love by the time you reach the ancient age of 40!

I say 'you'. But I really mean 'me'

(He might buy you a watch if you asked him, he's just that kind of guy, but I mean you probably don't have two little sisters which require babysitting.)

 Basically, my home life would never be as fun without him.

Jon has got me buzzin, cos he's

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