Friday, 17 June 2011

Please use protection.

I am currently sitting on Floor 5 of the university library.

The top floor of the library.
The floor where there is silence.
The floor where only 'silent texting and bottled water' is permitted.
The floor where everyone else is working.

But even after five hours of sitting here in front of my computer with plenty of information on the history of politics and society in East Africa to be researching and remembering, I just cannot bring myself to do any work.

Then I discovered the reason why I can't revise.
It's because everyone knows that revising without a hoodie and a pair of sunglasses is not conducive to any real work.

So I might be carrying around a pair of sunglasses in my bag (it is summer, almost, afterall), but I think whipping them out would probably make me look a little bit odd, right?

BUT, should I have a pair of these little Chanel beauties:

to protect my eyes from this blinding artificial light, then I am pretty certain that I would be able to revise more than enough to do well in my final exam; and everyone would be so jel of me wearing them, they wouldn't think it was at all strange that I should happen to be wearing them inside.

Throw in one of these and my exam will be first class:

So please, give generously.

For just £300, a child like Becca could do well at university.

Thank you.

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