Saturday, 4 June 2011


As is quite apparent to my regular blog readers, (and thus not at all apparent to the majority of the population), I have indulged in a bit of blog design editing...

Originally adorning the 'basic template' look, I thought I would change things up a bit: mix in a few new colours and even a new background! (At this point, I do expect you to glance at my collage in slight amazement.)

I admit, I wouldn't necessarily consider myself competent in terms of web design (saying that, my piczo site was a creative product of carefully copied html codes); however, I believe that this makes for an even more compelling case as to why you should all be relatively impressed with my efforts.

Being a victim of indecisiveness, it would be reasonable to expect some changes in imminent weeks (particularly since it also proves for wonderful revision distraction); then again, it did occupy probably a little bit too much of my Saturday evening, so I really doubt that any alterations will be worthy of note...

And since this post has been one of incredible dullness,  I thought I would end with something slightly more entertaining (even if it is completely unrelated):

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