Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Sugar, ah honey honey.

A dream.

I want to run a cake shop.
With my friends.

Called Sugar Mammas.

My friends are pretty marvelous at making cakes. I am not biased either. I am particularly picky with cake. So I know that they are bloody good.
Which means our cake shop will be a major success.

Jessica works in a tea shop and is an expert in all food that is good. 
Lucy is also wonderful at baking; whipping up all sorts of treats.
And some special friends will make for wonderful taste testers.

(Their blogs are linked; special and friends are different friends....)

I decided this when it came to choosing a real career. I have always wanted to be a teacher. I say always but I mean, that isn't strictly true.
I used to want to be an author, an illustrator, an artist, an animator,  a cafe owner, a lawyer, a glamour model, an employee of Google, a pub landlady (Peggy Mitchell is a bit of an idol of mine), an interior designer... 

But I think it is fair to say that for a lot of my life I have wanted to teach History. Probably as the practical option. The one that is least competitive. The one that requires less risk.

But now the time has come to apply for teacher training courses and really become a teacher, I started freaking out and thinking about what would be my ideal job. In an ideal world.
Sure teaching is a great profession and fits with my other dreams of moving to Australia for a couple of years in the future, but what if I regret not doing something else? 

What is life without taking risks, right?

So the image above is a little bit like how I would love my cake shop to be. A cafe; for cakes and tea and coffee and sweets and fun. A little bit of a vintage feel. Tonnes of  comfy armchairs and sofas (they are always the seats you really want in Costa, right?...). Dark wooden flooring. Loads of little mirrors on the walls (to make sure we aren't eating too much cake and getting massively fatter... it would be bad for our health  and any love lives). Old fashioned frames with pictures of people enjoying our cakes. And a garden out the back, for afternoon tea


And in this way, I get to be a cafe owner and an interior designer; I get to bake all day and most importantly, I get to spend all day with my friends eating yummy cakes... 

What more could a girl ask for?!

But perhaps in the meantime, since my friends haven't really agreed to this, I should think about applying for teacher training. 
And of course I will keep on baking.

And I will keep on enjoying my friends' wonderful creations.
Of which more would be greatly welcomed, thanks Jess...


  1. By the way, I did read this ages ago and loved it, especially my mention of course, I just forgot to comment ! :) let's do it xxxx

  2. But can we hire a cleaner? Cos I'm sick of cleaning coffee grounds xx