Wednesday, 1 June 2011


I miss the Spice Girls.

I'm not going to lie: they pretty much influenced my entire life choices around the age of seven.

I drank Pepsi Cola rather can Coca-Cola, because they were in the adverts.
I smelt of Impulse Spice because it was their fragrance.
I spent my pocket money on their 'photos' to fill up my Spice Girls sticker book.
Father Christmas knew exactly how to make me happy by providing me with the five Spice Girls dolls.
I wore platform trainers because Baby wore them. 
Spice World, the movie, was my only source of entertainment for well over 3 months.

Basically, I was in love with the Spice Girls.

Me and my little sister posing like our heroes.
(Outfit choices, this time, inspired by those of Sporty Spice.)

Ever since their traumatic split (admittedly, I mean their later split, rather than at the point in which Geri left), I have lost all sense of direction. 

My photographic poses are merely generic smiles. 
My fizzy drink choices are rather erratic. 
Choosing a hairstyle is far more difficult compared to the days of deciding between Sporty's pony tail, Baby's bunches or Posh's straight and sleek look.
I  even figured there is no point pursuing a pop career if I destroy the lives of millions in years to come by declaring the end*, and thus I have no real idea of how I want to live my life!

*(Saying that, I would still quite like to become a member of the Saturdays, I know their dance routines after all...)

You could say the end of the Spice Girls (in hindsight of course, I didn't experience this at the age of the seven) was pretty similar to being dumped from a serious relationship. 

So I suppose it is fair to say, it made me a stronger and more independent person and I had a greater sense of freedom to make my own choices?

But I can't even pretend something good came out of this heartbreak this time. 
(I turned from the Spice Girls to Britney; and really, despite my undying support for her, it probably wasn't my wisest move in the end...)

Now, I'm not saying I can't live my own life (I have managed to... just); but being a relatively indecisive person, I just like having the support of someone so globally influential providing me with a little inspiration to make a few decisions in life...

Now... Sprite or Fanta?  
It's going to be a tough choice....

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