Friday, 22 July 2011

It must be love.

A few things I am loving this week.

Jeffrey Campbell Platform Heels

Despite not having any money, I am still enjoying wandering around looking at all the clothes I would buy

Saying that, I did buy this skirt.... but it was in the sale for £3!

Innocent Smoothies; particularly this luscious purple variety
And they're on offer for £2 in Waitrose

Peanut M&Ms

And this picture...
Because it's funny

Thursday, 21 July 2011

In the meantime.

I have been terrible at posting in recent weeks.
As a mild perfectionist, I have many drafts and yet nothing seems to suffice.

But I found something incredible as I stumbled around the world that is wide, and is webbed (wtf?)

I have consequently spent many hours simultaneously flicking through these pictures and watching Man V. Food (and yes, I really want to be that guy).

So whilst you are all eagerly awaiting consequent posts (and don't worry they're on their way), I'm sure you will have just as much enjoyment looking through these...

I mean, it's not that cruel to laugh is it?! It was published on the internet for that purpose anyway, right?

Besides as I'm sitting around all day, slowing eating myself to an obesity problem and gradually becoming more frustrated with my family's inability to be... sane, I feel just that little bit happier. At least there are no pictures of us....

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Extreme makeover.

Being the summer holidays, having not started work and being a little bored of baking, I have mostly spent the entire time either on the computer and/or watching television.

Before I take a trip to Bournemouth, to Sugar Hut and to Leamington Spa, programmes to grace the screen in my living room and bedroom have included Jerry Springer, Judge Judy, Maury, America/Australia/Britain/Canada's Next Top Model, anything on Good Food, any show on the Kardashians and Extreme Makeover. To name a few.

Yes, Sky Livingit has pretty much taken over my life. 

The only things that have ever been able to draw me away from such quality broadcasting are regular visits to

where all sorts of make up tutorials, horoscopes and sex positions have been looked at; and, as is evident to my regular readers (i.e. a couple of friends), editing my blog.

Other than the obvious colour change, there is also the addition of a few links to the right and should you not have anything else to do (although let's be honest, hours at work in Accessorize and Deloitte internships are much more interesting) then they are definitely probably worth a quick look!

See, look how wonderful I am at this blogging business! (I lie, I'm not even sure if these things link up properly!)

But now the blog is all sorted and I know what the future holds for me and I am well aware of the position of the day (if you know what I mean), I guess I should get back to watching how well these lovely American models photograph... I mean, who knows who will get the spread in Seventeen magazine and deal with CoverGirl cosmetics?!

Well I do, because these repeats are about 4 series behind; but you know...

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Home Sweet Home.

A lack of blog posting can be largely attributed to moving out of our student house in Coventry and moving back home for the summer to Essex.

I am sure my husband, Guy, would verify that it was bloody traumatic packing up all our stuff and cleaning the entire house.

And even that would be a massive understatement.
The two of us essentially cleaned a house in which five people had lived in for a year, and admittedly, probably not had cleaned for the majority of that time...

It is fair to say that our lives (and bins) were full of these:

and our lungs were (and probably still are) full of dust.

After hours and hours of cleaning and making the house look as though we had never lived there, it got to a point when only a trip to Burger King could have any hope of redeeming some spirit and preventing the tears about to flood from exhaustion and dread.

The dread? Well, that came from knowing we had a lot of unpacking to do when we got home.

It was justified. 

Having two cars full of, well... shit, it took me a whole day to unpack.

This was the view of my bed, when I emptied the contents of 4 boxes of products on to it. And this was after I had been putting bottles of all sorts onto the shelves in my wardrobe for 25 minutes:

Yes. I think I do, in fact, have an addiction to Boots.
The fact that you can see some of the duvet was a massive achievement in my unpacking process.

I managed to clear out my room before all the unpacking business even occurred. I was left with 7 bags of rubbish and 9 bags for Charity.

Guy's room looked a lot like this:

Put into perspective, this space filled with things is probably the size of my entire room!

It was a relief to be done and crack on with what I do best at home:


Now, I don't want to take any spotlight away from the culinary skills of Jess, whose cakes are fucking delicious; besides, I couldn't even if I tried to... 

These cupcakes were made at the request of my two little sisters, both (although Lulu doesn't actually star in any of these pictures) helped me in the decorating process and aided in balancing out the scales.

This is Millie with chocolate icing around her mouth before lifting up her dress and asking 'Can you see the cake in my belly, Becca?'

 Yes, I will miss my friends at university terribly and maybe even doing some work, but it is good to be home.

I mean, no one really ate my cakes in Coventry, other than Guy and the Judas that is Hannah (her early departure meant a lot of left over cake, the marriage of myself and Guy and our suffering of cleaning everything by ourselves), and my greedy family make for excellent and surprisingly approving taste testers...