Sunday, 10 July 2011

Extreme makeover.

Being the summer holidays, having not started work and being a little bored of baking, I have mostly spent the entire time either on the computer and/or watching television.

Before I take a trip to Bournemouth, to Sugar Hut and to Leamington Spa, programmes to grace the screen in my living room and bedroom have included Jerry Springer, Judge Judy, Maury, America/Australia/Britain/Canada's Next Top Model, anything on Good Food, any show on the Kardashians and Extreme Makeover. To name a few.

Yes, Sky Livingit has pretty much taken over my life. 

The only things that have ever been able to draw me away from such quality broadcasting are regular visits to

where all sorts of make up tutorials, horoscopes and sex positions have been looked at; and, as is evident to my regular readers (i.e. a couple of friends), editing my blog.

Other than the obvious colour change, there is also the addition of a few links to the right and should you not have anything else to do (although let's be honest, hours at work in Accessorize and Deloitte internships are much more interesting) then they are definitely probably worth a quick look!

See, look how wonderful I am at this blogging business! (I lie, I'm not even sure if these things link up properly!)

But now the blog is all sorted and I know what the future holds for me and I am well aware of the position of the day (if you know what I mean), I guess I should get back to watching how well these lovely American models photograph... I mean, who knows who will get the spread in Seventeen magazine and deal with CoverGirl cosmetics?!

Well I do, because these repeats are about 4 series behind; but you know...


  1. Ahhhh nice job girl! i love the little 'recommended reads' section although i think i look a little terrifying!

    i want to be having your life with you, i wish we were sisters too! xxx

  2. I know what you mean!!!
    And gotta love a bit of judge judy! What a babe!