Thursday, 21 July 2011

In the meantime.

I have been terrible at posting in recent weeks.
As a mild perfectionist, I have many drafts and yet nothing seems to suffice.

But I found something incredible as I stumbled around the world that is wide, and is webbed (wtf?)

I have consequently spent many hours simultaneously flicking through these pictures and watching Man V. Food (and yes, I really want to be that guy).

So whilst you are all eagerly awaiting consequent posts (and don't worry they're on their way), I'm sure you will have just as much enjoyment looking through these...

I mean, it's not that cruel to laugh is it?! It was published on the internet for that purpose anyway, right?

Besides as I'm sitting around all day, slowing eating myself to an obesity problem and gradually becoming more frustrated with my family's inability to be... sane, I feel just that little bit happier. At least there are no pictures of us....

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