Monday, 15 August 2011

Chocolate Biscuits

I am not a very good cook, but I do love to bake. 

One thing I am positively terrible at is Shortbread; it just never seems to go right.

But this summer, having little else to do, I began baking something everyday.
It has now become more of a 3 times a week hobby since, although my family do eat them, I tend to consume the majority and have got proper fat.

These chocolate biscuits were just one of my creations. I don't follow recipes much; and for these little treats, I didn't even weigh anything and I can't even enlighten you with what I threw into the mixture! Then again, I am not a food blogger; I leave that to my gorgeous friend Jess who is bloody marvelous at just that. 

But having little to blog about recently, I thought I would share my creation. 

The raw mixture

Separated into balls

Flattened into cookies

And sprinkled with crushed almonds

The biscuits were crumbly on the outside, and perhaps I didn't cook them well enough, but were soft and chewy in the middle, which is how I like my biscuits to be. The chocolate taste wasn't all that strong, but that's probably because I only used cocoa powder and not real chocolate. 

Nonetheless, they were edible. Which is a success in my opinion!

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