Saturday, 13 August 2011

'Holy shit, that's mint!'

The movie of the century.

For me, this film is motion picture perfection.

I was so excited to see this film knowing that is was produced by both Spielberg and JJ Abrams.

(Well in all honesty, Cloverfield gave me motion sickness, and Lost pissed me off a little after the first series; but anything with Chris Pine in is sure to get my vote [Star Trek]. Regardless, they are big names; the film is bound to be good, right?)

I included this picture because it is much more attractive than any of Spielberg and/or Abrams. Fact.

My excitement was justified. 

This film has everything a film could ever provide.

There is love, bereavement, action, sci-fi, horror, history and comedy.
There really are some cracking moments that are rather hilar.

A particular fave quote of mine was when the group were eating in a diner:
'Excuse me. Could we get another order of fries? Because my friend here is FAT.'

Admittedly, I was slightly confused whilst watching it. The main group of boys consisted only of four (with one girl to help them in their film production), so I thought (and I hope I am not giving anything away) that there might be something that had 8 legs to give the film its name?
It wasn't until I began writing this blog post that I discovered it was actually the name of the camera the boys use to produce Charlie's film. Although I am guessing that other people would know that and their knowledge probably isn't as limited as mine, and so this confusion wouldn't trouble them quite so much. 

A Super 8

The young actors are pretty great. I like they just seem like normal kids and not obnoxious American children you sometimes get in films.

I did become quite attached to the hero of the film. I am not sure whether that was solely because the film made us feel for him because of what he was going through or whether I feel as though if I had a child, it would look like this boy, given that he slightly resembles my brother. 
Maybe it's the hair...

Joe: actor 
Sam: brother

It is a film for everyone; given a 12A rating, it is a family film. But is not necessarily a film for children. 
Some parts do get a little gruesome, there are boys selling weed and there are certain parts to the storyline which are a little complex and take a bit of analysing.
(Saying this, that comment came from someone who had no idea why the film was called Super 8 so perhaps it is more straightforward than I have made it).

But then again, this is why I love the film. 

For me, it wasn't the brilliant effects (although some might say a little excessive, I would say it helps appeal to the younger audiences who wouldn't necessarily highlight its relatively unrealistic tendencies) or really the excitement of wondering what was causing the abnormalities occurring in the town that captured my attention, but more the questioning of the honesty of authorities, the story of a child in love, and the heartache of losing a mother. 
Then again, I am a girl. I love the sentimental shit. 

But this is exactly why I recommend seeing it. 

It has something for everyone. 

It does have an air of similarity to other Spielberg films, namely E.T. and Jurassic Park, and I am certain this will become just as loved as those classics

In the words of the Charles and for clarification of the title of this post (and let's be honest, some of us need clarification of titles)

this film is mint

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