Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Save the Children.

I have a question, is it fine for me to call social services for a poor child who's mother is making him wear ugly shoes?

Again, this post is related to my experiences in the shoe shop.

So the story goes that, on an above-average hot day this summer (well, for this summer; pretty normal for usual summers), I was working in the shoe shop. It was inconvenient for a number of reasons. 
One, the fact that I knew I was missing this one of the few days of the hot weather and I knew it was meant to rain for the rest of the week thanks to BBC weather. I could have attempted a tan! A real one!
Two, the fact that I should  have been in Leamington Spa, doing the MoS workout and getting the attention of the bar staff with a wiggle of my bum. The most important of all inconveniences. 
Three, my work trousers are too big and the red SALE shirt is extremely unattractive and so I do not appreciate having to look minging (the other times I do are a product of my own laziness which is the fault only of myself and so I can't really complain too much).

But still, every cloud has a silver lining, and I believe the silver lining of this particular cloud is that I behold the potential to bring justice to innocent children with what I witnessed in Romford's shopping centre on this Tuesday afternoon.

So back to the main plot of the story.... 

I had been pricing a few shoes when a family walked in.
A Mother. Average height (slightly taller than myself), brown hair, jeans, brown sandals, a forgettable top.
A Daughter. Skinny, long brown hair, really narrow feet (could be an inconvenience to shoe shop assistants but not us, we have width fittings), a floral dress.
A Son. About to start year 8, glasses, braces and a hearing aid.

Now the problem lies with the Son.

I am not being cruel about his disabilities. (I know what you were thinking.) I mean, throughout my school life I had glasses and braces. Admittedly I have adequate hearing but I was fat. And a bit of a geek. So I reckon we are on a pretty level heading....

To prove I'm not being a bitch. I really am a loser.

But going through a similar experience in terms of perceived loserness, I feel I am in a position to help him! I understand his distress and I wish I only knew then what I knew now, and avoided the backpack and opted for a Kookai bag like all the other year 7 girls with the older and more experienced sisters.

It's not cool to have glasses and braces and hearing aids. And it is not cool to be fat. (Unless you are a comedian. Fat comedians are cool. And I am rather hilarious, but I am not for some odd reason recognised as a comedian as such.)

What is also not cool is clumpy shoes to go along with all of this.

I should know. I have been there. (Alongside the backpack and oversized blazer and longer-than-average skirt.)

Now don't get me wrong, we don't just sell clumpy shoes in the shoe shop I work in. I mean, there are LOADS of really nice shoes in the same range. These ones just happened to be the ugliest. In my opinion. But the Mother was insistent on wanting her Son to have these particular shoes.

He wanted Kickers.
Like everyone else.

The Mother said that not everyone would have these shoes; that the Son was exaggerating.
This might be so. But when I have been into a secondary school recently, I can say I was actually amazed at how many kids were actually wearing Kickers. It certainly seemed like everyone. Even I felt left out! I wasn't even a student.

So I felt bad for the Son. Who calmly explained that he would get bullied due to the fact that he already has glasses and braces and a hearing aid.

So essentially he has pre-warned the Mother.
The Mother ignored him.
The Mother was letting this happen.
She is permitting the other children to take the piss out of the Son.
Essentially, the Mother is bullying the son herself.
I mean, he has glasses and braces and a hearing aid for fuck's sake.
Give the kid a pair of Kickers!

Personally, I think they are ugly. And probably more clumpy than the shoes the Son eventually had to walk out the shop with.

But at least he would be happy and safe in the knowledge that he can kick the bullies in the face with the same shoes they have...

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