Monday, 12 December 2011

Busy as a Bee.

An Inconvenient Truth.

The thing I find troublesome with blogging is that when I have things to actually talk about, I am so busy doing the things that I never have time to post about them. When I have plenty of time to write witty anecdotes and express my most interesting thoughts (as has been the case previously, of course), I struggle to find anything to actually say!

So, evidently, with a lack of fascinating stories having been posted in the last few months, I have actually been extremely busy. Most notably, this busy-ness has taken its form in trips to New York and Venice (of which a few pictures can be seen by clicking on Venice).

This post, therefore, is a mere notification letting all my fans know I am back and ready to blog! Naturally, the following posts will be centred around my trips (being in Venice for over two months and falling absolutely and completely in love with the place, I suppose there will be a few on the beautiful city)...

Stay tuned. 

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