Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Something like 8 per cent of kids do it...

The abstract title has really little to do with this post. (Though the picture does.)
I'll explain later.

Yesterday I went to LandanTan to meet a friend. It was raining all day so we made our way from Starbucks to KFC to the pub. Good day in my books.
At the pub, The Duke of York near Bond Street to be precise, we saw Tracey Emin. I knew it was her. She has a distinctive face, no?

Tracy Emin is one of those people where if you mentioned spotting her to my parents they would ask if I had spat in her face. That just means the person I have mentioned vote Conservative. (My five year old sister was going to meet the local Conservative MP at her primary school. My parents told her to spit on her hand before she shook his. She did.)
But I think they were more unimpressed than usual with my Tory name drop. 
I can only presume it was because of her art.

I had a vague idea about her art. In my opinion, compared to the work of say, Botticelli, it's shit. Take my bed and the contents of my room and sell that for thousands? Anyone can do it. NaaamSaaaayn.
But I googled her other stuff anyway. And I quite liked it. 

This brings me to the title. It's a quote from one of the best films ever. Superbad. Remember the scene where Seth is revealing to Evan his childhood addiction to drawing willies? 
Well anyway it's funny because he insists that 8 per cent of kids have the same problem (hence the mostly unrelated title) but more so because he is drawing willies. And THAT is always funny, irrespective of your age. (As long as you have some degree of humour.)
So upon scrolling through some of Emin's works I find this:

I suppose she is an intelligent woman, though I have no evidence for that. I guess she doesn't look particularly intelligent but you can't blame someone's face for that. That's just rude. If she is intelligent, as I imagine her to be, I guess this work probably means something. Maybe how women are forced to be carried by the dominance of men or something like that.

But for me. It's genius.

How many people can draw a shit picture of a penis and sell it?! 

Not many. That's the answer. 

She might be Tory but she is fucking hilarious.

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