Monday, 6 August 2012

Fortune Fish.

Now, I know that being August it is a little early to talk about Christmas, but I am beginning this post with a reminder of Christmas Crackers.

Let me tell you now, if you thought you were privileged enough to have those crackers with the silver pen and the mirror and the screwdriver set and the spring egg cups and a silver keyring then you were wrong. Because you missed out on the Fortune Fish. From the shit crackers. 

If you have no idea what I am talking about, here is pictorial evidence of my claim:

The idea is you place the fish on your palm and it moves in a particular way to tell you something about your personality. My fish ALWAYS curled at the sides which means, according to the accompanying guide, that I am fickle. 

I agree with the great Fortune Fish. I am fickle. 

This month, I demonstrated this trait once again as I claimed I had no interest in the Olympics.
Living 20 minutes from the Olympic park, I saw the Olympics as more of an inconvenience. 

But whilst I was intoxicating myself with vodka before a night out on the tiles (or the pavements as it turned out), I caught myself getting into the Opening Ceremony playing in the background. 
Being a History buff, they won me over with their Industrial Revolution factories to be honest. 

Waking up with a slight hangover the next morning, my friend Jess (who's blog makes me salivate every time I read it #sogood), was keen on watching the men's road cycling. Once again I got into it. I got excited and nervous (exervous- should definitely be a credited emotion) as the men raced to the finish line.

I was hooked. And on a trip to Tesco I bought a wrist band inscribed with 'London 2012' on. Which anyone can tell you means I was officially a true fan.

Only issue was that my enthusiasm came a little too late and I was disappointed I didn't have tickets to any of the events.

My sob story ends there though because after all the complaints about the empty seats and the resale of tickets, I bagged myself a ticket to women's handball. 
Norway v. South Korea AND Montenegro v. Angola. 
Biggest games in the Olympics.

Being that England are TERRIBLE at handball, I of course knew nothing about the sport. 
But  I love high scoring games and so handball is now my second favourite sport (to basketball). 

Although we got the cheap tickets (£20) we had a pretty good view. The ticket also gave us entry into the Olympic Park for which tickets were £10 each and sold out, AND a travel card for London which is around £8.30 or more. So technically our seat was less that £2.

After watching history being made on that fine Wednesday morning, we made the most of getting entry into the Park. Mostly by taking pictures, eating foods from the numerous food vans and watching other events on the Live Screen. 

Olympic Stadium

Bradley Wiggins winning gold. On the Live Screen

Basketball Arena

Aside from the experience of going to watch an event, I have enjoyed watching loads of things on TV. BBC's coverage and their Red Button channel (or the BBC Olympic channels) have really taken over my existence!

Can't wait till Rio 2016. 

Fickle bitch.

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