Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Liebster Blog

I have a friend. Her name is Jessica.
She is one of those people where if you were not friends with her, you might hate her.
I don't mean that in an offensive way at all.
She has a beautiful face. She has a sexy body. She has thick shiny hair.
You would assume with her good looks she could be a bitch and get away with it. So you immediately might take a offish stance towards her. Particularly if you are another girl.

But she is one of the nicest people I have ever met.
She is always there for her friends. Always smiling and laughing. Always says encouraging things. (Like calling you fat to make sure you get off your arse and run. Jokes.)
She can cook. She can cook really well.
And to top it all off, she is a secret genius. I say secret because she is a genius; she just doesn't overtly tell us about it. Which is considerate to us not-so-geniuses.

I'm not advocating you all hate her if you don't know her. Quite the opposite. I am merely proving that people who are pretty, smart and gifted can also be lovely. And to prove it, this said friend was also lovely enough to award me with Liebster Award.

So there is it.
Thank you, Jess.
I don't think I have won anything in my life. I certainly did not win the EuroMillions.

The rules of this award are as follows:

- Link back to the person who gave the award to you and thank them. check.
- Post the award on your blog. check.
- Give the award to five bloggers with less than 200 followers who you appreciate and value. (This is not something to be offended by; not everyone will instantly acquire 1000 followers.)
- Let your award winners know by commenting on their blog. (Or on Twitter, as I was informed.)

I am not really one to follow rules to the book. I tend to do 35 mph rather than 30 ( I hope the PoPo aren't reading), I never really read all the books on the Seminar reading lists and when I say I have eaten my five a day I tend to have included the peppers on my Chicken Supreme pizza.
So although I have completed the first two rules. And will, in due course, complete the last, I shall not award the Leibster Award to five other people. Mostly because I don't know five other bloggers.

By not following the rules of the award precisely, I hope Jess doesn't steal it away from me.

Jessica Eats (Food)

(No one said I can't re-award, right? I mean, Usain Bolt didn't give back his Olympic Gold because he already had one...)

This is undoubtedly my favourite food blog of all time. I am biased. But objectivity is impossible.

This blog makes me salivate.
Makes my stomach groan.
Makes my eyes cry with happiness at the beauty the world (well, Jess) can produce.

Ok. I might not literally cry but the salivating and the groaning 100 per cent occurs.

Jess writes about recipes, restaurants and ressersts ('desserts' didn't quite fit with the alliteration thing I was going for.)
Despite preferring savoury foods to sweet, my favourite thing about this blog are the pictures and recipes of cakes. She could convert me over to the sweet side if she presented me with one of her creations (*cough*).

For those with a more serious interest in food (and not just oglers of delicious things like me), this blog is also perfect.  Her restaurant reviews are detailed and honest. I almost feel as though I have been to them myself.

And I think to myself...

The creator of this blog, James, currently thinks he is Christopher Columbus. Apart from he is exploring well-known places in Europe. And on trains. But it means he hasn't blogged in a while.
However, he assures me on his return he is planning on writing shit loads about his European adventures. Something I'm looking forward to.
His sarcastic wit is hilarious and the prominent theme of pessimism is ironically uplifting.
I like this blog particularly because it makes me consider things I would not normally consider in life. Perhaps because there is no real advantage to considering them and they are largely irrelevant topics? Jokes. That's my blog.
But the posts are original, insightful into the mind of a middle-class Tory (something that will forever continue to baffle me), and well-written. Like. In actual real sentences.

Better still, it's bordering on the controversial. And everyone loves being a little risqué.

Spilling my Beans

I could be wrong, but it seems that the majority of Jack's blog centres on my favourite thing in life: Awkward moments.
And it appears as though Jack is often finding himself in difficult situations. This just provides hilarity for the rest of us. And is much appreciated.
I normally find myself reading this blog in a room with other people. This is a mistake. I don't like laughing at a computer screen when other people are in the room. They normally look at me oddly and ask what I am up to and I want to continue reading, not read out what I have just read. (That, I assure Jack, I do after so as to encourage the reading of his blog.)
Anyway, because I try not to laugh out loud I end up looking as though I'm secretly looking at funny porn. I get a dodgy grin on face and a tense warm feeling in my stomach as it is telling me to open my mouth and make a sound.
Odd, I know.
Basically, I am saying this blog is funny. Really funny.

now bitches.


  1. BABE I ONLY JUST READ THIS you are such a beautiful girl and so silly to be so nice about me!
    You know I love you so much, I NEED YOU IN MY LIFE RIGHT THIS MINUTE xxxx

  2. p.s. maybe you should try to win the euromillions from your little nanny flat in Europe :)