Monday, 17 September 2012


The name of this blog is no longer relevant to me as its author, for I have sided with the dark side and have dyed my hair brown. 

I am, however, intending on keeping the name of my blog the same.

Firstly, because it seems like too much hassle to change it. I am not in an inventive frame of mind to imagine another name and I would have to begin a new blog to change the domain name...
Fuck that for a laugh.

Secondly, I am really blonde.
I mean, it might not have been as blonde as what I had been before the cheap bottle of supermarket bought hair dye made me brunette.
BUT, nonetheless, I am a natural blonde. I now have to colour in my eyebrows to match my hair so I look as though I actually have some.
Which definitely means I am in fact blonde.

This was just an explanation and justification for my blog.

Thank you.

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